Respect In Sport Coaches Course

Effective the 2018-19 Season RIS Coaches has a 4 year expiry. If you took RIS Coaches prior to the 2015-16 season, you will have to re do the course prior to your 2018-19 Registration being accepted.

Please see the Hockey Alberta - Information Bulletin - Respect In Sport Recertification document for the notification of the RIS expiry as well as FAQ's for Parents and Coaches that need to recertify.

Confederation Hockey requires the RIS Coaches Course to be completed before any Coaching/Asst Coaching application is considered.

Only those that are Registered with Confederation Hockey and have completed the RIS Coaches Course will be allowed on the ice.

The course costs $31.50 and will be reimbursed for those that are Coaches within Confed. When completed the course please forward your receipt by email.

The link to take the RIS Coaches Course is: