Is your Respect in Sport (RIS) Parents course going to expire soon? or would you like a free refresher that will extend your expiry date of the course?
There are 4 programs currently available thanks to the Canadian Tire Corporation.

Please use the links below to recertify your RIS Parents and follow the directions to import your certification to your Hockey Alberta RIS Account. Only courses accessed through the links below will be covered by this program.
Everyone is also able to take the 3 other programs offered to RIS for Officials, Keeping Girls in Sport, and Stay in the Game to assist in Making the Game Better.

Hockey Alberta has made the following announcement:
Calling all Canadian hockey families and coaches! It has become apparent that Canadians want to make the game we all love more welcoming for everyone – especially our kids. That’s why Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited (“Canadian Tire”) is giving the hockey community access to several Respect Group programs at no cost from February 21st till April 30th.

CLICK HERE to access the Respect Group programs

PLEASE NOTE: Once the Respect in Sport (RIS) program under the Jumpstart platform has been completed, the certificate MUST be imported to the Hockey Alberta platform. Once the certificate has be imported, it will show on the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) and can then be recognized by Hockey Alberta.

CLICK HERE to import a completed certificate

These critical tools are part of Canadian Tire and Respect Group’s ongoing commitment to players, parents, family members, caregivers, coaches and officials. They empower us to be the best we can be so we can all enjoy hockey together.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the first Programs being provided to all Hockey Branches and Member Partner organizations across the country.

These positive, proactive programs offer an opportunity, for all of us, to help ensure a safe and respectful hockey culture.

Be sure to access these programs by April 30 to take advantage of the free programming provided by the Canadian Tire Corporation.

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