Evaluation Drills

Goalie Skill Skate

Goalie Evaluators for the 2023-2024 Goalie Skill Skate will be ATC Goaltending.

Drills sent directly to goalies.

Player Drills

Confed Hockey Club will be using SportTesting technology in our September evaluations  for U7 JR Timbits (only if challenging to U7 SR Timbits), U7 SR Timbits, U9,  U11 and U13, to ensure the highest degree of testing accuracy possible. SportTesting Inc is a leading developer of athletic assessment technologies. SportTesting Video

SportTesting generates and automatically records quantitative data, which is used to evaluate sport-specific skill components such as speed, agility and transitioning.

Please review the below chart of which drills will be used for each category of play. A video of each drill is also posted below the chart.

2023-2024 Evaluation Drills


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