U7 - JR Timbits - 2016

U7-JR Timbits is an introduction to hockey where the children will have only practices.

  • Cost of the program is $325.00. Save $100 Early Bird until June 30 - pay $225!
  • Fees can be paid in Full or 3 Payments.
  • For the 2022-23 season those born in 2017 are designated to the U7-JR Timbits program.
  • A child can register in U7-JR Timbits even if they have not participated in U7-Discovery.
  • This program focuses on development of forward and backward skating, stopping, puck handling, and an introduction to the game of hockey.
  • Locations of practices vary, but will mainly be at Terwillegar.
  • Practices will be held on the weekends.
  • 18, one hour slots from October to March.