We are excited to announce the details of the new female hockey program with South West Zone Hockey, Confederation and SWAT.

SWZ in collaboration with Confederation and SWAT welcome female hockey players in U9, U11, and U13 who have expressed interest to be a part of the all female team within their age group. By combining our association’s efforts, we will be able to create a much more vibrant all-female program.

Players will join under South West Zone Hockey to play for the Comets.

Any players already registered with Confederation or SWAT with the intention of playing on their all-female teams will have their registration transferred to SWZ.

We are aware of the new Hockey Edmonton and Hockey Alberta updates and additional communications will be provided. Stay Tuned.

Apparel will be available for order in late September for the Comets with further information to be shared.

Look for the SWZ Comets in your local rink this season and reach out to femaledirector@confedhockey.org for further information.

Cindy Janisch
Female Director

Confederation Hockey Club