Hockey Canada Safety Program/RIS – Parent & Activity Leader Extension

Hockey Alberta has worked with both Hockey Canada and the Respect Group Inc. to facilitate
an extension of the expiration dates for the Hockey Canada Safety Program (HCSP) and
Respect in Sport Parent/Activity Leader Programs.

Any parent, coach or team official that has valid certification in any of the above programs will
have their expiration automatically extended by one year.
• For HCSP, the certification will extend from three to four years.
• For RIS Parent and Activity Leader, the certification will extend from four to five years.

These extensions will be reflected on an individual’s Hockey Canada Registry profile for HCSP
& RIS Activity Leader and the child’s profile of which it is connected for RIS – Parent. Because
RIS is a multi-sport platform and this change is specific to Hockey Alberta, the extension will not
be reflected in an individual’s RIS profile.

Hockey Alberta – MEMO 14. HCSP RIS Extension