U7 SR Timbits - 2018

U7 SR Timbits is an introduction to hockey where the children will have practices as well as play games.

  • Cost of the program is $545.00. Save $100 Early Bird until June 23 - pay $445! Fees can be paid in Full or 3 Payments.
  • For the 2024-25 season those born in 2018 are designated to the U7 SR Timbits program.
  • A child can register in U7 SR Timbits even if they have not participated in U7 Discovery or U7 JR Timbits.
  • This program focuses on development of forward and backward skating, stopping, puck handling, and an introduction to the game of hockey.
  • Equally skilled groups/teams of an average of 10 players are formed and placed on teams after a preseason skate.
  • Third-ice games are played (i.e. boards separate the ice surface into thirds and two games are played at the same time on the end surfaces with active rest in the middle).
  • Games are mostly held at Terwillegar Arena
  • Locations of practices vary, but will mainly be at Terwillegar.
  • Most games and practices will be held on the weekends.
  • Games are non-competitive with no score kept.
  • No regular goalies – players rotate through all positions, including goaltender. No goalie equipment is used.
  • The teams will participate in the Hockey Edmonton Tim Horton's Fall Festival and Winter Jamboree.
  • Emphasis on skating and learning basic hockey skills with an introduction to team concept.
  • 18, third-ice games and 18, shared-ice practices from September to March mostly on Saturday and Sunday.