Hi Everyone,

Thank you for participating in this year’s Confederation Hockey Christmas Tournament!

With the support of all the teams, volunteers, sponsors, officials, facility staff and families we were able to host 132 teams over 3 days, with 264 scheduled games, allowing over 2200 kids to play hockey this holiday season.

We hope everyone got a chance to participate in this year’s online 50/50 and silent auction, loonie stick sales and the raffle.  Congratulations to M. Wells who won $6,280 in this year’s 50/50 raffle. All winners can be found here.

Thank you to everyone who made donations to the Edmonton Food Bank – we appreciate and value the community support for families in need.

Lastly, thank you for everyone’s understanding and support throughout the tournament, quickly shifting and adapting to the last minute changes we experienced along the way – from freezing cold temperatures to last minute arena changes due to arena closures, and COVID-19 preventing teams participating.

Thank you again for participating in this year’s Christmas tournament – we hope the kids enjoyed the experience and we hope to see you next year.

Have a Happy New Year!
Mel & Shannon