Online – What is my Password?

Register for 2021-2022 is closed

**NOTE - you will be directed to the Hockey Canada Player Registration website

How do I find my User ID and Password and why is it important?

Why do I need an ID and Password?

If you have registered online with Confederation Hockey Club in the past, you would have created a login ID and password while setting up your online registration account. The purpose of setting up this account is:

  1. To ensure that your information is secure
  2. To provide you with your own web page where you are able to edit your registration information, change your password, re-print your invoice, and keep track of what you have registered in.
  3. To keep track of the number of children you registered.

How do I find my ID and Password?

Click on the registration link then click on the “FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD?” link. Enter your email address and click on the SUBMIT button. The ID and Password will be emailed to you.

If you are NEW to Confederation Hockey Club OR if you have never used the online registration system you will have to create your ID and Password while creating your account.