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RIS Parents does not currently expire, so if you completed the RIS Parents Course in previous years, and it shows on your childs file, then you DO NOT have to redo the RIS Parents Course again in 2017-18. 

If you are registering siblings that have not previously been registered, please add them in your RIS Parents account.

If you have taken the RIS Parents Course through another sport, please create an account at the Hockey Alberta link below and enter your certificate number to have it transfer to hockey.

Your Confederation Hockey 2017-2018 Registration cannot be accepted  until your family has completed the RIS Parents Course. At this time, if you took the course last year you do not have to take it again this year.

As soon as at least one member of your family has completed the online, $12.60, one hour,  RIS Parents Course the qualification showing that your family has complied will be loaded onto your childs(rens) files in the Hockey Canada Registry. There is no need to forward me a copy of your receipt or certificate unless requested.

The $12.60 course fee goes to the RIS Group, not to Confederation Hockey.

Any questions, please email Melissa

Take the RIS Parents Course here

Please see the below documents that were included in the 2012 email from Hockey Edmonton explaining the RIS Parents Program.

Hockey Edmonton Parent Letter 

Hockey Alberta Parent Letter

Platform of Respect - Overview and Policy

Respect in Sport - Program Overview

Respect in Sport - Article

Respect in Sport - FAQ's

Respect in Sport - HAB Parent User Guide