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Confed Club D - Year Long Sessions

Registration for Year Long Sessions will open Monday, June 26, 2017 at 10am - NOW OPEN!!


There will be no refunds for Confed Players once they are registered and paid. No refunds will be issued for individual classes missed.

SWZ Tryout Refund $20 Admin Fee - For those trying out for SWZ Atom/Peewee AA/A, if you register for Confed Club D and then stay at a SWZ team you will be no longer eligible for Confed Club D and will be refunded the fees paid, minus a $20 Admin Fee.


Registration for one day Specialty Clinics is found on the Club D Specialty Clinic page.

SR. Timbits Club D - Listed Tuesdays 415-515pm

11 spots filled 14 spots open  Open

Novice Tier 1-4 Club D - Listed Tuesdays 530-630pm

20 spots filled 5 spots open  Open

Novice Tier 5-8 Club D - Listed Tuesdays, 530-630pm

6 spots filled 19 spots open  Open

Atom Club D - Listed Mondays, 515-615pm

24 spots filled 1 spots open  Open

Peewee Club D - Listed Mondays, 515-615pm

7 spots filled 18 spots open  Open

Goalie Club D - 2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010 - Listed Tuesdays 515-615pm

14 spots filled 1 spots open  Open